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Key Features

  • Unlimited Albums, Images, & Music*
  • Customizable Look and Feel
  • Accept Credit Cards Payments**
  • Offer Products, Services, and/or Packages
  • Share Favorites With Others
  • $10 per Month, No Additional Fees
  • 1 GB of Free CloudStorage
  • Seamlessly Integrates with StudioCloud's Free Business Management Software

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* CloudStorage limitations apply

** Requires Merchant Warehouse or PayPal account

CloudProofing Examples

CloudProofing Public Directory

This example shows a sample CloudProofing public directory for a photography business. The public directory and gallery is customizable to fit your style and branding. Albums that are listed in the CloudProofing public directory can be password protected. A customer would access the public directory by using a link on a website, blog, or in an email.

Example Of Embedding the CloudProofing Public Directory Into Your Website

This example shows the CloudProofing Public Directory embedded directly into a website. A customer would access this by going to a business's website. If the embedding option was chosen you would want to customize your public directory and gallery to match your website's look and feel.

Example Of A Direct Link To A CloudProofing Album

This example is of a customer logging directly into their album. In this situation, the customer would not see the public directory but would have received an email containing a link to their CloudProofing Album.