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Frequently Asked Questions

  • “...Is there a limit to the number of albums, images, folders, or songs that I can add to an album?“
    No. You are only limited by your available CloudStorage space.
  • “...How much CloudStorage space comes with the CloudProofing?“
    StudioCloud provides 1 GB of free CloudStorage. Additional storage can be purchased.
  • “...How many images can 1 GB hold?“
    1 GB can hold approximately 13,000 images*
  • “...Do you take a percentage of my sales?“
    No. There is no other charges or fees besides the monthly fee
  • “...Do you print and ship the purchased images?
    No. StudioCloud does not provide printing or shipping services.
  • “...How do I create albums or upload images and music?“
    The CloudProofing Manager provides all of the necessary tools to manage CloudProofing
  • “...How do I get the CloudProofing Manager?“
    The CloudProofing Manager can be found in StudioCloud's free business management software under the "CloudServices" button
  • “...How do I get StudioCloud's free business management software?“
    To get StudioCloud's free business management software go to

CloudProofing Features

Below Is A List Of All Of The CloudProofing Features
  • Pricing
    • $10 per month, no additional fees
  • Customizable Look and Feel
    • Make your customers feel at home with your logo and custom welcome message.
    • Don't want a SlideShow? No Problem. CloudProofing supports disabling the Slideshow.
    • Just want customers to save their favorites images and not go through the checkout process? No Problem. CloudProofing supports disabling the checkout process.
    • Don't like the idea of customers saving favorites? No Problem. CloudProofing supports disabling the saving and sharing of favorites.
  • Accept Credit Cards Payments
    • CloudProofing supports both Merchant Warehouse and PayPal for credit card processing.**
  • Album Options
    • Each album in CloudProofing has its own unique tax tracking system to support various tax solutions.
    • CloudProofing supports visitor tracking so you can see when and from where visitors accessed their albums.
    • The images in the album can be divided into multiple folders to allow for an easier viewing experience for your customers.
    • There is no limit to the number of images, folders, or music in an album.*
  • Products, Services, and/or Packages
    • CloudProofing supports images and pricing for products, services, and/or packages.
  • Favorites
    • Allow your customers to quickly, easily, and securely save and share favorites.
    • Customers can password protect favorites
  • Unlimited Albums, Folders, Images, and Music
    • Your only limitation is your CloudStorage space.
  • CloudStorage Space
    • Comes with 1 GB of CloudStorage for images and music.*
    • More CloudStorage can be purchased if needed.
  • StudioCloud Integration
    • Save time by using your StudioCloud Price Lists and StudioCloud Tax Profiles for each album.
    • CloudProofing automatically creates an invoices for you in your StudioCloud account when customers purchase.
    • CloudProofing automatically adds customers to your StudioCloud clients.
    • StudioCloud tracks the payments received by your clients when they purchase by credit card.**
    • CloudProofing automatically sends email receipts to your client using your email account.***
  • Upload Features
    • Quickly and easily upload images to your CloudProofing using the CloudProofing Manager.
    • The CloudProofing Manager supports automatically resizing your images to your desired size.
    • The CloudProofing Manager also supports watermarking with either a text message or an image such as a logo.

* 1 GB can hold 13,000 images when small optimization is used

** Automatic Payment tracking in StudioCloud is only supported with Merchant Warehouse.

*** Email receipts will be sent from if you do not have a default email account setup in StudioCloud.